Recaps or descriptions of AEC industry events attended by Page & Turnbull staffers.

California Roadtrip 2019

It’s summer and that means road trip season is here! We’ve gathered some interesting sites along the California coast to explore. Whether you’re looking for a bit of history, natural splendor, or stunning architecture our list has something for everyone! Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park (Carlsbad) This historic ranch was once owned by actor, preservationist and conservationist Leo Carrillo, who was best known for his role in the 50’s television series, The Cisco Kid. A cowboy [...]

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45th Anniversary Retrospective-Part IV: Seeking a Larger World

After participating in the decades-long revival of the San Francisco Ferry Building -- which re-opened triumphantly in 2003 -- Page & Turnbull began to cast a wider net. In the 2000s we opened two new offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, and were challenged with new design opportunities and preservation projects. As the 21st century began to unfold, we asked ourselves: How can our built inheritance shape the future? How can we ally cultural and architectural [...]

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Every day is Earth Day!

Lookout Studio. NPS Photo by Michael Quinn. Reflections on the intersection of historic preservation and environmentalism in Page & Turnbull’s vast portfolio of work in the majestic Grand Canyon. When Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, millions of Americans took to the streets to demonstrate for a healthier planet and a sustainable environment. An eco-political consciousness emerged as people from all backgrounds and party affiliations united for a cause to preserve the [...]

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45th Anniversary Blog Series Part III: Recovering from the Loma Prieta earthquake; a New Life on the Waterfront

San Francisco entered the 1990’s literally shaken. The 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake rocked the city on Oct. 17, 1989, just months before the decade began. It shook buildings and freeways, including the double decker Embarcadero Freeway that had hidden the Ferry Building from the Market Street artery since 1959. The old Ferry Building, long removed from its original uses, could reveal its face once again. The Port of San Francisco, design and planning community, [...]

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45th Anniversary Blog Series Part II: The San Francisco Downtown Plan and a Really Big Earthquake

By the end of the 70s San Francisco had officially embraced its architectural history. Thanks to Charles Page and San Francisco Heritage, the Downtown Survey written by Michael Corbett and published as “Splendid Survivors,” meticulously researched older buildings and districts.  The Downtown Survey served as a model for preservation policies across the US. As the economic boom of the early 80s changed the city landscape with high-rise office buildings and condominiums, the preservation community along [...]

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45th Anniversary Series Part I: Splendid Survivors and the Environmental Movement of 1976

The 70’s were a time of social awakening, and San Francisco was at the cultural epicenter of it all. The world had seen the Earth from space for the first time in 1969, and this first glimpse of our universal home helped spark the environmental movement. The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, and Congress passed the Environmental Policy Act that same year. Policymakers were examining ways to better utilize their city [...]

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Why I chose Architecture (or how it chose me)

When I was younger I remember walking through the Ferry Building Marketplace with my family and thinking to myself how great it was to see a landmark building adapted into a multiuse space. Standing in the marketplace I was struck by the opening in the floor above, revealing the exposed steel-framed Beaux Arts style architecture which allowed natural light to flow into the space. This experience was one of a few [...]

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Page & Turnbull Office Salons is a quarterly-ish series of conversations about broad themes in architecture and conservation. Designer Lingxiu Chong shares her thoughts on our most recent Salon about Color held in San Francisco with guest speaker, London-based academic and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman. Enjoy this read about Adam’s research into architectural polychromy and how our work celebrates California’s colorful past, present and future!  One of my favorite things about [...]

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Page & Turnbull at Oakland’s Youth Architecture Camp

In June I was fortunate to be able to take part in the third annual Youth Architecture Camp for underrepresented and at-risk children. The camp was started from a collaboration between the AIA East Bay and Fam First Family Foundation as a way to introduce Architecture and design in general to youth in the East Bay. While I was only able to attend one full day and the final presentations, I was truly taken back by [...]

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