• San Francisco Mining Exchange Building
    San Francisco, CA
  • copeland donahue theater, webb schools
    Copeland Donahue Theater
    Claremont, CA
  • Greek Theatre
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Stockdale Community Center
    Stockdale Community Center
    Claremont, CA
  • Washington View Apartments
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Santa Barbara African American Black Context Statement
    Santa Barbara, CA
  • walt disney family museum
    Walt Disney Family Museum
    San Francisco, CA
  • Antelope Valley Indian Museum
    Lancaster, CA
  • carson block, governors award
    Carson Block Building
    Eureka, CA
  • Pritzker Hall, UCLA
    Pritzker Hall, UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Monadnock
    Monadnock Building
    San Francisco, CA
  • Royal Presidio Chapel
    Monterey, CA

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